In the making of “Betsey in the Sun” by Artist Lynn Garwood

Emmy 3 days old

Emmy 3 days old

The inspiration for the word “Joy” I chose for this painting, was my cat Jagger was still missing.  He left our house in August of 2014 one day and didn’t show back up. My heart was broken!  Two months later, I get a phone call saying that a mother had abandoned her day old kittens and would I mind taking one off  of their hands.  I gladly said “YES!”  In an instant, I went from sadness to joy.  We nursed the kitten, whom we named  Emmy because of the “M” on her forehead, and took care of her as you would a newborn baby.

Emmy 1 week old

Emmy 1 week old

I still missed Jagger terribly, yet Emmy  brought me great joy, and I wanted to continue to feel that. She grew up watching me paint, and is still mesmerized by it.  She will sit on my lap watching for hours.

The scene I chose for this painting is of my truck “Betsey Brown Clementine”, a 1937 Chevy Pickup that is in our front yard.  I load Betsey up every spring and summer with flowers, making her  the prettiest flower pot you ever did see.   Everyday I pull in and see her there, that brings me great joy and happiness.

Emmy 4 weeks old

Emmy 4 weeks old

Well…..through a bizarre series of circumstances, Jagger did find his way  home.  He was on the opposite side of town, being fed by a friend of mine, who didn’t know it was my  cat. So the painting was prophetic to me in a sense, and I am extremely grateful all is well and Joy lives on.

Jagger is back!

Jagger is back!

“Old Ford Flatbed”, in the works, by artist Lynn Garwood


Peace is the word in the underpainting


My name is Lynn Garwood, an artist living in Burlington, WI. In the summer of 2014, I painted “Old Ford Flatbed”, (36”x48” acrylic painting). In all of my paintings, I paint a favorite word or quote that has meaning for me. I believe words have a powerful influence in our lives, so I generally will choose a word that I would like to feel more of. The underneath word in “Old Ford Flatbed” is “Peace”.

At this time, our family cat went missing, my family was heartbroken and I too wanted to feel more peace in my life. The scene is staged in my backyard farm field in Southern Wisconsin. A friend of mine brought this truck over, because he loved it and he thought it would be a great subject matter for me. I love vintage trucks!!! This one is a 1937 Ford Flatbed. He left it with me for 2 weeks, and both night & day, rain or shine, I went out and photographed it in different settings. This sunset scene was my favorite and it felt the most peaceful. It took me about 3 months to finish this painting. I first paint my canvas many colors, so that I don’t have to work on a white backround. I then add my word of choice, and then eventually paint over it. My hope is, whoever views it will subliminally feel peace. My thought is, it could not hurt! 🙂 The good news is that our beloved cat “Jagger” did find his way home, yet not before the painting was finished. The truck was sold off right after my friend picked it back up.

http://www.lynngarwood.comme painting Old ford flatbed

"Old Ford Flatbed" 36x48" acrylic painting, 2014

“Old Ford Flatbed” 36×48″ acrylic painting, 2014

Vintage Signs – LOVE!

Being a former sign painter for over 25 years has built within me a huge appreciation for all forms of signage.  It’s on everything, driving down the road, lighting up our town, on every business window…  These days we have the high tech printing going on, where you can envelope a whole semi truck and trailer with a picture of whatever company it’s working for.


Peace Vintage Sign designed in Photoshop

When I started a sign business, everything was tediously hand painted, then progressed to vinyl lettering(think letter cutouts).  Toward the end of my sign career, I was involved  with the printing, and I used to say, “As an artist, it gave me wings”.  Previously, you would have to paint the picture on yourself, now you could just print it, and saved oodles of time.

My favorite types of signage?  VINTAGE!!  The old time feel, with the rough broken edges, that makes my heart sing!  Nowadays, I like to try and duplicate the look and feel of the signs.  They have a lot of software out there these days, that with a click of a button you can make it look like it’s 100 years old with scratched rusty metal, broken barn boards, etc… It’s no surprise to some of my camp that I would design these signs.  I don’t have to paint them anymore, now I can design it and digitally send it to my publisher, who then in turn prints it on metal, canvas, wood, whatever.  All the while, my fingernails stay clean  as a whistle.

grocery copy

Grocery Vintage Sign designed in Photoshop

As a fine artist, during the day I mostly paint photo realism paintings, yet I like to take breaks and that’s when i design vintage signs.  That is just fun for me!  Maybe I need to get out more. 🙂