Ahhh, To feel joy, when things around you suggest otherwise.  It seems as though that would be quite hard to do.  Yet have you been feeling somewhat normal, and someone tells a joke that you find extremely funny?  In that moment, you went from feeling neutral to happier, in an instant. What happened there?  Your focus was diverted off of neutrality to something you found funny.  Just like when a mother distracts her toddler off of something undesirable by giving them a toy. Refocusing my attentions gives me the power to feel however I want.  Today, I choose to feel Joy.  When my focus gets diverted by the other estimated 50,000-70,000 thoughts I think on any given day,(yes, that does include judging how others carry out their lives).  I choose to grab my focus back. Easy work? Ugh, no!  Simple, heck yeah.  The word of the day for me is……Joy.

Jagger is back!

Jagger is back!

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