Holy smokes!  Growth is not for sissies!  At this point in time and space I’m developing an art career.  I’ve been a quiet artist for quite some time, quietly raising my family, quietly painting away at night.  Here and there people would express interest in buying some of my pieces, and I would think to myself “I’m not ready yet, but someday….”  I wanted first to do the job at hand, and the job at hand was mothering.

Fast forward a few years, kids are growing up, and now I’m painting during the day as well.  I’ve decided its time to take it to the next level and try to become an artist who actually makes money.  I took a marketing course and boy of boy did this blast some bricks in my Great Wall of China brain.  I found I have some great resistances to doing certain things, like talking about myself.  (Your reading this, so check that off, done.)  Learning how to work with email responders and Search Engine Optimizers, Analytics……  I have entered a new language and feel as if I fell down a rabbit hole.

Growth doesn’t come easy for me, actually, it’s quite painful.  One of my friends says that if your comfortable, you aren’t growing.  So true, so true.  In this particular learning curve of the moment, lots of bubbles are breaking apart in my head, such as the fairytale bubble.  “One day, my agent will come and sweep me off my feet and take me to a castle and sell my artwork for millions of dollars”  NOT!  No prince charming agent in this story 🙂

I’m glad I’m going through this process, because it is helping me to pull on my overalls, grow up,  and start digging for success.  So I will gladly take my growth with a side of discomfort, and hopefully,hopefully………. the dessert will be sweet.


"Old Ford Flatbed" 36x48" acrylic painting, 2014

My latest piece, “Old Ford Flatbed” 36×48″ acrylic painting, 2014

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